Welcome to my new website, designed by awesome Jessie Bennett of Bennett Author Services. I know Jessie from Beacon Press, publisher of Hopes of Snakes; and she has created this space for me just as Animals / Bodies goes to press. Please float around the trees and books and animals she has brought to ‘life’ on the website.

Writers, though they may work alone, are grateful for the circles of people who help and support our work as it moves out into the world. I want to thank the writers who, some while on vacation, took the time to read and review Animals / Bodies over the summer: Pattiann Rogers, Christopher Cokinos, Sy Montgomery, and Maribeth Fischer.

I also want to thank Finishing Line Press for taking me into their nest of poets, when I am an essayist, by nature. Not sure how to fledge yet . . . but looking forward to it all as the chapbook takes flight through readings and events to come in 2015. Very excited about reading at Politics & Prose in February and at the Writer’s Center in March. Look for these and other events on the Events page as dates near.

Last but certainly not least, a huge hug to all those who pre-ordered Animals / Bodies from Finishing Line Press. Publishing and bookselling have changed–and small publishers need the support and enthusiasm of readers to keep alive a certain literary world.

Autumn is my favorite season. Leaves are falling (here where I am) and sunlight slanting over my horse fields in the evening looks like gold pouring from the sky, from the heavens, from any of your angels.


Always, Lisa

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